Real Name: Daniel Babai

Dephrase is Daniel Babai, a Boston-based producer with roots in hip-hop and love for all music. By resampling original material and using heavy analog synthesis, Daniel strives to evoke the soulful feelings of hip-hop through home-grown samples and carefully crafted synths. Tempted by the Golden Era of hip-hop as well as recent happenings in the urban electronic realm, Daniel has recently dove into the music production in an attempt to define human and natural interactions through the creation of sound. He loves to work with musicians and artists of all sorts, broadening his scope of knowledge as well as spreading love and good cheer to others.

Bedroom Classics Vol. 1 Compilation

5am: Contributor, Masterer

A. Campbell Payne: Contributor

B∩MSTEAD: Contributor

David Yanofsky: Cover Artist

Dephrase: Contributor

EXIN MUSIC: Contributor

Kittenmildew: Contributor

Kuh-Lida: Contributor

LEAFTYPE: Contributor

Luc Lacerte: Masterer

Max Krieger: Contributor

Modus: Contributor

RYV: Contributor

Rave Matthew's Band: Contributor

SCRVB: Contributor

Tokyo Megaplex: Contributor

Bedroom Classics Vol. 1 is the second compilation album from Belgian Man Records. It includes sixteen previously unreleased tracks, each by a different artist.

Check out the video for can-f at


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Album cover by David Yanofsky

Alternate covers by David Dolan, Matthew Gallagher, Max Krieger, and Owen McGarry

Mastering by Luc Lacerte and Sam Andrus