Real Name: Myles Emmons

Kuh-Lida is the moniker of Myles Emmons, a musician from Chicago, IL. You can check out all of his creative works on his website.

He’s released five albums with Belgian Man: his January 2012 debut, Snacks, Money Hustard, in May 2012, Savage Casual, in August 2012, High Top Blazers, in February 2013, and most recently HIGH ADVENTURE. High Adventure was released jointly by Belgian Man Records and Stereocure. There are also physical tapes available, directly from Myles.

Silver To Gold was recorded by Myles Emmons and Ross Chait. The album features Josh Sushman on the introduction track, followed by a three-part reading of Silver To Gold, originally written by Cornelius Cardew for the Scratch Orchestra. It was released by Ilse Music.

VIDEOJAMZ #3 - Kuh-Lida + a peek behind the scenes Demo

Fenn Macon: Video

Kuh-Lida: Music

This videojam has 2 Kuh-Lida songs on it, “Riding Shotgun In The Batmobile” and “Things I Have Done [iloveyouall]” from his album High Top Blazers. As you can see, I kind of set this one loose and watched what it came up with, which blew me away. Also, to get the process started, I had to fiddle with some stuff in my patch. I usually do this with touchOSC or with a separate monitor, but in keeping with Kuh-Lida’s Chicago roots, this was a quick and dirty jam.


High Adventure LP

Kuh-Lida: Producer

~A big city story of the one thrilling moment in a man’s life that can only be called High Adventure~

This new collection of fuzzed-out breaks and radio drama collages from the back catalog of Stereocure co-founder Kuh-Lida (aka Myles Emmons) sometimes reads more like a sound walk through his own thrift store than a beat tape. Veiled behind layers of dust and tape hiss, the veteran producer presents us with a sound world that he has created out of found objects and hazy imagination, shattered bits of magnetic tape and broadcasted nostalgia. Directing our senses through a maze of swerves and spin-outs at every turn, the music somehow fits together like a jigsaw puzzle, or a vinyl record chopped into a hundred pieces and reassembled with paint and peanut butter. Through thickets of glitch and throbbing blotches of rhythm, this A/B tape release is an auditory adventure from start to finish.

~Wherever you are, look around you. Watch, but don’t live it: this thing we call High Adventure~

If you’d like to feel this music with your hands, contact kuh.lida@gmail.com to order a cassette copy.


Many thanks to Jordan Alper, Andrew Monks, Gabriel Kanengiser, Adam Hirsch, Charlie Abbott, Miles Serber, Eugenia Loli, Regina Larre Campuzano, YPR, and all the artists, people, and places who’ve inspired these sounds.

cover art by Eugenia Loli Planet Eaters cargocollective.com/eugenialoli


also released on Stereocure www.stereocure.com

Bedroom Classics Vol. 1 Compilation

5am: Contributor, Masterer

A. Campbell Payne: Contributor

B∩MSTEAD: Contributor

David Yanofsky: Cover Artist

Dephrase: Contributor

EXIN MUSIC: Contributor

Kittenmildew: Contributor

Kuh-Lida: Contributor

LEAFTYPE: Contributor

Luc Lacerte: Masterer

Max Krieger: Contributor

Modus: Contributor

RYV: Contributor

Rave Matthew's Band: Contributor

SCRVB: Contributor

Tokyo Megaplex: Contributor

Bedroom Classics Vol. 1 is the second compilation album from Belgian Man Records. It includes sixteen previously unreleased tracks, each by a different artist.

Check out the video for can-f at http://vimeo.com/belgianman/can-f


Check out Andrew Monks’ video for can-f dropping later today on http://belgianman.com

Album cover by David Yanofsky

Alternate covers by David Dolan, Matthew Gallagher, Max Krieger, and Owen McGarry

Mastering by Luc Lacerte and Sam Andrus

High Top Blazers LP

Kuh-Lida: Producer

High Top Blazers is the fourth album by Kuh-Lida, the beatmaking moniker of Chicago’s Myles Emmons.

These pop-radio dramas are a tribute to my own fascinations with the often reckless limits we can push ourselves to in pursuit of nightlife and parties. Hopefully what doesn’t kill us will make us wiser. Pour some drinks, light up, and bxxgie dxwn.


Kuh-Lida is Myles Emmons http://blgn.mn/kuhlida

Many thanks to Andrew Monks, Jordan Alper, Adam Hirsch, Gabe Kanengiser, Charlie Abbott, Robben T. Muñoz, Olivia Smaniotto, Tom Kearney, YPR, and all the artists, people, and places who’ve inspired these sounds.

Cover Art: Robben T. Muñoz

Cover Model: Olivia Smaniotto

Savage Casual LP

Kuh-Lida: Producer, Cover Artist

Kuh-Lida is back! Hello, Savage Casual.

Kuh-Lida is an alias of the Chi-town based beatmaker Myles Emmons. You remember him from his previous Belgian Man releases: Snacks, and Money Hustard. Savage Casual, a joint release between Belgian Man and Stereocure: a new record label community based in Los Angeles, California, where Kuh-Lida completed the album during a summer-long residency.


Music+art by Myles Emmons http://blgn.mn/kuhlida

Money Hustard LP

Kuh-Lida: Producer

Kuh-Lida is Myles Emmons Many thanks to Faith Harding, Andrew Monks, Sam Callahan, Charlie Abbott, Dan Papalardo, Adam Hirsch, Bear Pond, and all the artists, people, and places who’ve inspired these sounds

Available through: www.belgianman.com

More Faith Harding can be heard here: soundcloud.com/fharding

Shout Out To Jordank at AHL: www.facebook.com/ArtHouseLive

And BIG Ups to the YPR

Snacks LP

Kuh-Lida: Producer, Cover Artist

Kuh-Lida puts bananas in your ears. Snacks.